About Michelle Kennedy

I am an educator who is passionate about helping children realise their full potential. I specialise in breaking down anxiety and building self esteem, in order to move learning forward in a non threatening and supportive environment.

I understand the science behind how the Brain functions and how this impacts on the type of learning experiences offered to children. The Brain takes in information through a variety of senses, reinforcing that new learning requires a multisensory approach.

It is important to understand the connections in the brain are not fixed, which has positive implications for children with learning difficulties. The ability to modify the connections in the brain is referred to as ‘neuroplasticity’, and combining this concept with multisensory learning experiences gives children the best chance of moving their learning forward.

Understanding how a child’s ability to learn is impacted by different elements as listed above, is important. You cannot address difficulties with learning by only focusing on the academic element.

My experience as a parent and teacher have inspired me to ensure areas relating to social, emotional and academic development are addressed in a way that is unique to the individual child.

My Expertise

  • Teaching at a variety of State and Private Primary Schools in Australia and the United Kingdom.
  • Qualifications include Diploma of Teaching (Primary), Bachelor of Education (Primary), Masters of Education (Early Years)
  • 21 years as a parent.
  • Regularly updating my knowledge through workshops/conferences in Australia and the USA.

My Understanding

In my experience as parent and educator, I have become increasingly aware of children who are struggling to achieve at school. The reasons are varied; being anxious about learning new concepts, struggling with understanding new concepts, or not being challenged enough by new concepts.

These children all struggle with learning in varying ways, which is my area of expertise. I individualise a program, which includes developing a positive attitude towards learning and addressing anxiety and self esteem issues if required. These areas need to be addressed before moving your child’s academic learning forward.

This unique approach has resulted in parents observing a marked improvement in their child’s confidence, attitude and results.

My Passion

I offer a unique service for primary school children, I am passionate about:

  • connecting with your child.
  • lowering anxiety levels
  • building their self esteem.
  • using a multisensory approach.
  • encouraging parent input.
  • supporting the school’s programme.
  • incorporating technology.
  • ensuring learning is exciting and fun.