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Feb 2015
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EL - Feb App Review

Name of App:

Spellboard (Available in IOS).

Cost of App:

Years 1 to 5


English – Spelling.

What’s Good About It:

There are a multitude of spelling apps available, however Spellboard stands apart from other spelling apps. It is multi-sensory, meaning children use a variety of senses (touching, seeing and hearing) to assist with learning the spelling word list. The design of the app is simple, and includes spelling lists of commonly used words (Dolche) to practise. Various options enhance this app. Some of these are being able to add your own words, recording the spelling word using your own voice and adding your own picture if required. There are also games to reinforce the spelling words. Games such as fill in the missing letters, un-jumbling letters to make the word or a word search. You can also compare your tests results (take quiz) with previous tests.
The most important consideration is the app’s ability to cater to the students’ different learning styles (visual/auditory/kinaesthetic).
This app is definitely worth downloading.

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