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Oct 2014
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Oct Blog

Name of App:
(Available in IOS).

Cost of App:
Ages 4 to 5 years

English – Phonics.

What’s Good About It:
This app works on blending sounds, building words and creating rhyming words.
ABC words – is a phonetic alphabet game, the aim being to match a phonetic sound with its letter. Children select a letter to make a word, which is then read in a sentence.
Rhyme Time – sounds are blended together to form rhyming words. Children identify the common part of a group of words e.g.: cat, hat and flat. Children enjoy the bright and engaging visuals complemented by collage like objects. A must have app for helping children understand that words are made up of individual sounds that can be blended together.


Oct Blog 2

Name of App:
Early Birds: Times Tables Training
(Available in IOS & Android)

Cost of App:
Ages 5-11 years

Maths – multiplication

What’s Good About It:
Early Birds is a fun and engaging app that helps children consolidate their understanding of times tables. From the developers of the squeebles series of apps, children learn about multiples and factors, as well as skip counting.
Children select a times table, then find the multiples for the selected times table.They tap on an egg which hatches if the answer they select is correct.The aim is to collect 55 eggs, achieved by beating set time limits.

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