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Jan 2015
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The transition to Prep can be overwhelming for you and your child.

Understanding your child’s expectations and talking with them about their concerns will assist with the transition process. Remember your expectations may differ from your child’s expectations.

How children transition to Prep varies, depending on their family background and education prior to school.


Some of the challenges your child may face in prep:

  • Adjusting to a larger school environment
  • Coping with older children in the playground.
  • Getting to know new teachers.
  • Learning new school and classroom rules.
  • Learning new Maths and English skills.


Some of the challenges you may face as a parent:

  • Meeting and discussing any concerns you may have with the classroom teacher
  • Understanding the school’s expectations of your child (rules etc)
  • Knowing the teacher’s expectations of your child (academically, socially and emotionally).


Some things you can do to assist with a smoother transition to prep:

  • Develop your child’s independence by having your child be responsible for putting their things away at home. Your child will be asked to be responsible for their belongings at school.
  • Show your child the correct pencil grip when writing.
  • Help your child learn to write their name.
  • Read to your child daily (this increases their vocabulary knowledge which assists in early reading development).
  • Help your child learn the alphabet (letters and the associated sounds).
  • Help your child learn to recognise and write numbers 0 – 10.


Engaged Learners specialises in supporting a smoother transition to Prep for your child. Early Years Educator Michelle Kennedy, develops the necessary skills (academic, social and emotional) in an exciting and caring environment. Contact Michelle to discuss your concerns on 0418752499 or email her at

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