Our 10 year old son Lachy is in Grade 4 at Matthew Flinders Anglican College.
In the early stages of Grade 2 it became apparent that Lachy was struggling with reading and literacy. Coupled with a lack of confidence, anxiety and a nose dive in his self esteem.
At this time we were very fortunate to engage the services of Michelle Kennedy, whose reputation was one of the very best teachers on the Sunshine Coast.
Michelle was able to guide us through what was a very stressful period for our family.
Her support and recommendations of other professionals were instrumental in obtaining all of the necessary information that we had to acquire, in order to  assist our son.
Lachlan was found to be a visual learner who learnt in a specific way and required ongoing and extra support, to learn the foundations of literacy and maths.
For nearly three years now Lachy has been under the care of Michelle with tutoring once a week.
He quickly regained his confidence and self esteem whilst gaining the tools required for his learning.
Michelle is in regular communication with his teacher and her audio and detailed written report which we receive after each session is testament of her passion of teaching children.
Lachy not only looks forward to his weekly session, he bounds out of her house saying “Mum I understand now!”
We will always be incredibly grateful for the dedication and care that Michelle has shown Lachy and our family.
Lachlan’s school reports now reflect an enthusiastic student who is eager to learn and participate and enjoy the successful journey of building his academic foundations for life.

– Capt. Dominic and Michelle Walsh

When I noticed my daughter had lost her love of learning and I was concerned she didn’t have a solid understanding of the basic learning foundations and wasn’t stimulated enough at school, I instantly knew who would be able to help…Mrs Kennedy.  My son had also seen Mrs Kennedy in the past for extension and to keep him interested and stimulated to learn.
Even after the first lesson with Mrs. Kennedy, my daughter’s enthusiasm for learning had returned.  Every week she bounds in to her lesson and leaves with the biggest smile on her face and bursting to tell me what she’s done.  My daughter by no means sees this as a chore but an absolute pleasure.  She has said “I wish I could see Mrs Kennedy all day, every day; its so much fun.”
I wish there were more teachers like Mrs Kennedy.  She has a way of making learning enjoyable and interesting.  I cannot praise or recommend her highly enough. 

Our son was in Kindy when we first heard about Michelle. He has always been articulate and very good with numbers but seemed to lack some of the writing skills that other children possessed. We were also concerned that  the transition from Kindy to prep may be difficult because of the difference in learning styles and wanted to ensure that our son was able to cope with the move. Another parent recommended Michelle to us to help prepare him for Prep and we were blown away with his response and attitude after his first session. He loves his sessions with Michelle and looks forward to them each week. She has been able to expand his strengths and layer in the gaps he was struggling with. The whole process has also given us a really good understanding of his development and how to support him as he moves through his educational years. 

Michelle has an incredible ability to connect with our child and is a master at what she does. We are so grateful that we had the opportunity to send our son to her as we feel it’s really given him a huge advantage in his schooling and kept him mentally stimulated and challenged.

Michelle has continued to show great interest and knowledge in our son and his learning condition. Facing sensory challenges at school our time with Michelle is his chance to re-focus and improve his memory on lessons learned at school during the week. We as a family appreciate her tips, knowledge and support as we strive to give our son the best chance to reach his full potential in learning.

– Michelle B

Michelle’s style of teaching is exceptional. My daughter Ruby has progressed in leaps and bounds in such a short space of time.  I’m more than satisfied that her Maths and English is at a higher standard and that Ruby actually enjoys the learning experience she has with Michelle.  I am confident that Michelle will continue to deliver the expertise she has in the area that Ruby needs and look forward to Ruby progressing more and more.

Our 7 year old son gets SOO excited when he goes to see Mrs Kennedy! After struggling to keep up in Year 2 at school, he now regularly comes home with reading & maths awards. He is also confident and enthusiastic now with his school work.

– From an ever grateful Mum, Michelle Walsh

Our daughter was feeling left behind in class as she was lacking confidence. We were recommended by a friend to call Michelle at Engaged Learners, as her child had experienced similar feelings. We started with Michelle in Term one and immediately saw fantastic results. Our daughter has improved immensely in her confidence and concentration. We would highly recommend Engaged Learners as that extra boost to your child’s education.

– Kim and Renee Greaves

When we decided to go ahead with the recommendation for our daughter to start prep early we wondered how best to prepare her and a good friend said “You HAVE to go to Michelle Kennedy!!”. Well, I can honestly say, not only has she not looked back, she is steaming ahead! “Mrs Kennedy” has been instrumental with how well our daughter has settled into school and the confidence she has developed within herself and her learning. Thank you so much Michelle, we are super grateful!

– B & K Green

My son has been going to Michelle Kennedy at Engaged Learners for almost two years and the contrast from when he started to now is extraordinary. He went in with below average reading which was affecting his confidence, self esteem and ability. Michelle has created an environment where her learning plans and strategies are relevant in the eyes of the children’s interest. For my son she incorporates physical activity and focuses on his interest like soccer, NFL rugby, travel etc… so learning is fun and interactive.

With the additional focus on reading we are now seeing improved results not only in English but Maths and Science. Thank you Michelle for making such a difference in my son’s ability to open up to learning new things!

– Belinda Lewis

When Michelle first met our 10 year old son, he lacked confidence in his learning and was struggling at school. After a few lessons with Michelle we noticed a more positive attitude towards his school work and his confidence was growing. I especially like Michelle’s approach to learning, she has the ability to find out their interests and apply it in their learning which has been extremely successful with my son. He always comes home with an exciting new experience whilst learning with Michelle so lessons are never boring and always interesting. I am so grateful that we have found Michelle for she is a big part of my sons learning journey.

– Nicole Raven

Michelle has shown patience and kindness to our sons learning abilities and style. Her dedication to understanding children and how they learn shows us how teaching and learning should be. Because of her, we understand how to develop our son’s skills and he wants to learn. A very valued member of our family circle, she is genuinely invested in our child’s well-being.