Your Child


Your child is a unique individual who was born with an innate sense of curiosity for learning. It is the role of parents and educators to foster this curiosity and independence throughout their education.

Sometimes during the learning journey, specific skills are not developed. This can impact on your child’s confidence, and motivation for learning.

At Engaged Learners we;

  • identify areas of anxiety.
  • improve self esteem.
  • ignite your child’s curiosity.
  • develop critical thinking skills.
  • strengthen then extend, literacy and numeracy skills.

These skills empower your child to face academic challenges and to ultimately lead fulfilling lives as lifelong learners.


Multisensory Learning

Multisensory learning involves using two or more of the senses when learning a new activity. The Brain takes in information through various senses, therefore new learning requires a multisensory approach.

If children learn to see it, hear it, do it, touch it during the learning process, you increase the likelihood of new information being retained in their memory (Dr Judy Willis).

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Their Emotions


How your child feels about themselves, impacts on their learning. It can affect their memory and ability to focus.

Does your child have trouble with a teacher, friend or classmate? Is homework a challenge? Working in an emotionally safe environment supports learning.

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